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Experimental Trips Start on the Uskudar-property sale in Turkey

Istanbul Municipality is currently conducting tests and experimental trips on the smart metro line between Uskudar - Ümraniye - Çekmeköy and the project is due to end on August 30 this year.

The smart metro connecting Uskudar - Ümraniye – Çekmeköy the first in Turkey because it is the first metro without a driver and is operated by remote control.

According to the information obtained from the Anadolu Agency correspondent, the line will consist of 20 km from 16 stations, a warehouse yard, two tunnels of two thousand, 750 kilometers, and 126 trailers will be used in line and provide jobs for thousands and 430 employees and workers.

The Anadolu correspondent added that people will be able to access through this new line to many other transport axes of rail transport systems.

He pointed out that it is possible to reach through the station Uskudar to the European part of Istanbul via the line "Marmara", which connects the continents from under the sea, as well as accessing the European continent via the Metrobus also.

It is also possible to access Ümraniye – Goztabe metro line and Dudullu - Bostanci, and many other stations.

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