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Over half of 3rd Airport project Finished - Istanbul Investment

Experts whom are working on the project of the third airport in Istanbul said that the preparatory phase for the establishment of the second runway at the airport has been completed.

The 400 million cubic meters of wetland has been completed and the area has been filled with 40 million cubic meters of supporting rock, and it has been announced that the second runway will be completed by the end of this year, experts said.

According to Turkish officials, the project cost 23 billion and 399 million euros, 10 billion and 247 million euros the cost of construction without operating.

The airport will contain a huge number of runways, bridges, waiting rooms and lounges. The airport is expected to accommodate 150 million passengers a year, competing with Dubai Airport, which is one of the world's busiest airports in terms of air transport.

Istanbul's largest international airport, Ataturk Airport, is no longer able to meet the increasing demand for air traffic, and there is no space to build additional runways due to the existence within the city. The new airport is therefore a great opportunity to develop air transport in the city and in Turkey in general.

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