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The Construction works of the Eminounu-Alibeykoy Tramway line and the first touches of the line have along the coastline from the Eyup area to the Balat area has been initiated.

It is expected that the project will be completed and put into service within three years from now, which will consist of 14 stations, along 10 kilometers. The investment value of the project is 4.9 billion Turkish liras. Also it is expected that 114 thousand passengers will be transported daily through this Line.

The Tramway the Eminounu-Alibeykoy project will pass from the following stations in the European part of Istanbul: Eminounu Square, Kuchuk Bazaar, Jebali, Fanar, Balat, Iwan Saray, Fez Khan, Eyup Cable Station, Eyup State Hospital, Slhardar Agha, Alibeykoy Center, Alibeykoy Metro, and Alibeykoy Couch station.

The tramway Amine Eminounu-Alibeykoy will be integrated with the following lines in Istanbul:

The Kabatsh-Bagclar line (T1) through the Eminounu station and the positions of the maritime transport ferryboats connecting to the city lines in Eminounu.

As well as the intersection of the cable line in the Eyup-Pierre Loti area, the planned Kazli Chashma-Sogutlucheshmeh metro line, the Eyup-Yachil Benar railway line, the Mecediakoy- Mahmoutbey (M7) metro line and the metro line connecting the two areas Sirantepe- Alibeykoy.