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Following the completion of the excavation and the path determination, specializing team will start digging a pedestrian tunnel that will connect the two poles of the city  from the bottom of the Bosporus in Istanbul early next month in April / May.

The pedestrian tunnel will be in parallel to the Metro line Marmaray, where it will connect the Uskudar district on the Asian side of the city with kabataş that is located on the European side.

To ensure the safety of citizens, the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Maritime plans to provide the tunnel with one of the modern technological devices, also the ministry plans to turn the wall of the tunnel to an art gallery and paintings.

Thanks to the tunnel that will make citizens move between the two sides of the city on foot and by bicycle.

With the implementation of this project, Turkey has added a new transit passage to the passageways that link between the two poles of Istanbul, as before this project, many major mega projects such as the Metro Marmaray, the Eurasia tunnel, and the Third bridge has been completed.