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CHEAP VILLAS FOR SALE IN ISTANBUL || Own a cheap villa from Imtilak Real Estate

Buy and sell cheap villa, apartments or house for residence or investment with sea views, cheap villas for sale in Istanbul in strategic locations...

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IMT-509 Nura Marmara

You do not need to travel to resorts or beaches you can find all that in our new complex

Starting at

421,000 $

IMT-508 Green Reserve Villas

People who live in touch with nature are happy in their lives our villas complex is in the middle of...

Starting at

711,000 $

IMT-505 Istinye Kent Villas

The concept of the luxury house changes through the ages and today we introduce the most luxurious d...

Starting at

398,000 $

IMT-504 Sariyer Villas

Imagine your home when you wake up in the mornings and you start your day with a lot of oxygen, clea...

Starting at

650,000 $

IMT-501 Villas of Light Complex

An amazing ready complex full of luxury and magnificence, all that you want in life will be in your...

Starting at

880,000 $

IMT-500 Fortress Palace

A magnificent project full of luxury located directly on the Bosphorus strait with an amazing wonder...

0 $

Istanbul is a preferred destination for tourism in the region, as well as a booming destination for capital and investment, especially real estate, so many foreigners - investors and tourists - want to buy cheap villas in Istanbul for various purposes such as tourism, housing, and investment during 2017 and 2018.

What are the encouraging reasons for buying a cheap villa in Istanbul?

Investment options for cheap villas in Istanbul

  • The purchase of villas for sale in Turkey in a vital and strategic area will see great demand, and then be sold at a higher price, the most attractive to investors nowadays is the search for villas for sale in Istanbul, especially in places close to the archaeological, nature or cheap villa with wonderful sea views, which usually gives the investor a high return on investment.
  • Buying ready cheap villas and then leasing it and ensuring a steady monthly return, as it is estimated that villas’ rentals are high, especially during the times of tourism.

Financial returns from investment villas in Istanbul

The investment return in Turkey varies

according to the type of property, the lease period and the real estate features such as (location, area, quality, and surrounding facilities.)

Rental income for villas is estimated at between 7 and 12%, while tourism rents are estimated at 16 to 20% of the property price. 

If the villa is owned before the completion of construction and contracting, then selling these villas after the completion of the project, the return on investment is not less than 12%.


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