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The construction of the giant Çamlıca Tower, with a 365-meter height, continues in maximum effort and speed after the project has been put as an alternative to the radio towers that were causing jamming in the transmitter and pollution in the general appearance.

The construction of this giant tower continues at the highest and widest point in the natural reserve of küçük Çamlıca, including stories for restaurants and surveillance.

Mr. Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, declared that the Night of Power (Alkader) is planned to be the day for opening of the tower and opening of Çamlıca Mosque.

220 meters of solid concrete, 53 stories with a 4.5 meter high for each story, will be constructed. And the restaurants' stories will be in 176 to 180-meter high that can accommodate up to 75 persons.

It is worth mentioning that two towers for surveillance and reconnaissance for the lovers of the highlands and meditation had been planned to be constructed to accommodate up to 200 persons at once. This section will be at 150-meter high, which will provide stunning views on both continents in Istanbul.

A destination for 4.5 million tourists yearly!

It is expected that this towering edifice, with construction cost of 170 million Turkish lira, would attract two thousand visitors a day, which means 4.5 million visitors a year. The towers will also carry dozens of satellite receivers and broadcast by the completion of the project.