Bahcesehir district has a wide network of social facilities, with a large number of secondary, preparatory and primary schools, health centers, security centers, theaters, post offices, cultural centers, and shopping centers.

The district of Bahcesehir is known for its Urban Projects and Enterprise Applications, and was awarded in 1996 by the United Nations Habitat Program during the second biennial conference of the Program, which occurs one time each 20 years, and deals with urban areas and the provision of humanitarian housing to all the inhabitants of the Earth.

Bahcesehir was an independent municipality for a while, the decision was later taken to unify it with the famous municipality of Basaksehir when it’s been established in 1999, and received a number of awards from the Turkish Ministry of Environment and the European Union.

The area includes many modern health facilities and commercial markets, which have been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Control Certificate based on the level of advanced and professional services in their implementation and delivery.

The nature of the land in Bahcesehir is a popular delight in the spread of small hills, hills and valleys, giving it a beautiful natural beauty, which is adjacent to the beauty of luxury shopping centers including the most luxurious international and local brands, and popular markets, as well as cafes, restaurants and cinemas.

Bahcesehir is also home to several luxury residential complexes, equipped with state-of-the-art technology that provides comfort, and safety for the region's residents.