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Turkey's Biggest Urban Transformation Project

Istanbul has witnessed an unprecedented transformation in the past 10 years...

Turkey's Biggest Urban Transformation Project
2017-08-09 Last update 2020-02-13

Turkey's Biggest Urban Transformation Project

Istanbul has witnessed an unprecedented transformation in the past 10 years in terms of renovating a large number of residential buildings on the same floor or in the form of a construction move from one place to another, with social benefits and higher welfare.

Urban transformation projects in the city have provided significant opportunities for local and foreign investors in the field of ownership in the projects being constructed following these transformations. Where many of the mega projects in the city have been developed and which are being invested by Arabs and foreigners from such projects.

Both sections of the city are undergoing an unprecedented transformation in the city's urban cover. The Essneller district is one of these areas. The project will witness a significant improvement in the living conditions of the citizens as well as the establishment of a large number of modern residential complexes with the latest technologies that will attract the attention of local and foreign real estate investors wishing to own and invest in the European section of the city.

The big project will rise in a green area of the city without affecting the green cover, but on the contrary, the project will contribute to increasing the green areas of the city. Where it will be associated with the largest park in the world that will be established in the region located in the northeast of the region.

A number of health facilities, schools, places of worship and shops will also be established in the context of this project. The municipality aims to complete this project within five years. The region will include the world's largest park as well as the world's largest archaeological museum. 

The built-in housing will be equipped with state-of-the-art technical updates and safety standards. Over the last ten years, Essneller has transformed more than 26,000 apartments in addition to the construction of several service facilities and commercial complexes and has been able to form a milestone in Turkey with the possibility of converting random housing to high-standard housing.  

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