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Top 6 Preferred Areas for Real Estate investors in Istanbul

: 2017-06-28

Top 6 Preferred Areas for Real Estate investors in Istanbul
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Turkey's real estate sector is becoming more and more popular over time, and the city of Istanbul is one of the most attractive cities in Turkey.

Branded projects are more attractive to investors and significantly contribute to the development of their areas.

The following are six prominent areas favored by investors for the investment in Istanbul:

Arnavutkoy: Apartment and lands prices in this area are increasing very rapidly due to the proximity from the third airport and the third bridge in the city.

Şile: The Şile region has been one of the most attractive areas for investment in the last five years. The picturesque nature of the area adds value to the region and is attracting interest from investors. There are many real estate projects that attract investors to the region.

Beykoz: This district is characterized by a wide network of roads connecting it with Uskudar district and many other vital areas, and the district is witnessing the rise of many large real estate projects.

Başakşehir: The area continues to move forward to become one of the most attractive areas for investors in Turkey, and is characterized by its high speed in attracting new projects, as well as attracting many large commercial projects.

Tuzla: The area is expected to witness a significant rise in real estate prices after the completion of the air train project to be constructed soon, also the area is located close to the second airport and metro line.

Kartal: Kartal is one of the most urbanized areas in the region. The new metro line, which has recently opened, has contributed significantly to the increase in property demand in the area and is expected to continue to rise significantly and obviously.

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