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Three Quick Information about Istanbul's New Airport

Information about Istanbul's New Airport...

Three Quick Information about Istanbul's New Airport
2018-11-01 Last update 2020-02-13

Three Quick Information about Istanbul's New Airport

1. Istanbul Airport links 60 countries, and it also links economies worth $ 20 trillion to each other.
2. Istanbul can be reached from 41 countries in 3 hours, and Istanbul can be reached from 66 countries in 5 hours.
3. Flights from Istanbul to 350 destinations will include

• Rome.
• Lisbon.
• Madrid.
• Paris.
• London.
• Berlin.
• Oslo.
• Stockholm.
• Helsinki.
• St. Petersburg.
• Moscow.
• New York.
• San Francisco.
• Los Angeles.
• Tashkent.
• Tehran.
• New Delhi.
• Dubai.
• Doha.
• Cairo.
• Addis Ababa.
• Cape Town.
• White House.
• Dakar.
• Sao Paulo.
• Beijing.
• Seoul.
• Tokyo.
• Shanghai.
• Hong Kong.
• Bangkok.
• Singapore.
• Sydney.

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Source: Anadolu Agency
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