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Places to Fall in Love With Istanbul

: 2017-04-13 Modified date : 2019-09-03

Places to Fall in Love With Istanbul
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Real Estate in Istanbul - Place to fall in love

Istanbul is one of the world’s greatest cities being on both the sides, Europe and Asia. There are many splendid remnants of its long and famous history. The sightseeing of Istanbul will leave visitors mesmerized. Istanbul was founded In Neolithic times but today's world it is a modern city. Despite being a modern city, Istanbul has not forgotten its heritage. There are mosques, cathedrals, ancient bazaars and basilicas that display the history of Istanbul.

Istanbul is Turkey’s most populated city and it is a cultural and financial hub as well. The estimated population of this city is between 12 and 19 million people. This makes Istanbul one of the largest cities not only in Europe but in the whole world.

Here are some of the top attractions in Istanbul.

Hagia Sophia

The Aya Sofya was ordered to be built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. In 537 it was sanctified as a church. Later in 1453, it was converted to a mosque by Mehmet

II the Conqueror. In 1935, Kamal Ataturk declared it as a museum. This is one of the top tourist destinations because of its innovative architecture, religious importance, and wonderful beauty.


Topkapi Palace

This place is more colorful than any of the world’s museums. The Libidinous Sultans, lovely concubines, determined courtiers and cunning eunuchs lived and worked here. This was the time when it was the court of Ottoman Empire, between 15th and 19th

Century. The huge palace is filled with dazzling Islamic art with hand-painted tile- work. Some of the famous places to see here are:

  • Harem
  • Palace Kitchens
  • Second Court
  • Imperial Council Chamber
  • Sacred Safekeeping Room.


Suleymaniye Mosque

This mosque is on the hill in the district of Sultanahmet. It is one of the well-known landmarks of Istanbul. This mosque was built by Sinan for Suleyman the Magnificent. Well, it is not the largest mosque in Istanbul but it is the most beautiful one. It was built between the 1549 and 1557. Outside the tranquil garden is the Ottoman cemetery, here are the tombs of Sultan Suleyman and his wife Hurrem Sultan.


Grand Bazaar

For all the shopaholics, Grand Bazaar is a must visit the place. There are 5,000 shops that make it the largest indoors marketplace. This bazaar’s origin can be traced back to 1461. Here is Cevahir Bedsteen, it is a place where the rarest and most valuable goods can be found. The things that are sold in Grand Bazaar are:

  • Jewelry
  • Carpets
  • Spices
  • Hand-painted ceramics
  • Antiques.


Real Estate

The Real estate of Looking for houses for sale in TurkeyImtilak Real Estate offers you the widest range of properties in Istanbul. They provide you guidance and advice you on all the projects available. Most of the foreigners who are looking for investment opportunities in real estate Istanbul choose outskirts. The areas like Buyukcekmece, Esenyurt, Bahcesehir, and Kucukcekmece.

Therefore, not only is Istanbul a great place to see but also to invest. If you have any suggestions, comment below.

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