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Istanbul Investment Areas

What are the things that need attention during the investment?

Istanbul Investment Areas
2016-05-15 Last update 2020-02-13

Istanbul Investment Areas

The real estate sector is Turkey's economic locomotive, as the investment in this sector is more profitable than other sectors. Everyone is working to buy property either for the purpose of housing or for investment and profit, and in order to achieve the appropriate profits necessary, Investment is should be in the right place, and this matter is one of the most important things during the investment in Istanbul, thus, one of the most questions that concern investors during the investment is: What are the things that need attention during the investment?

One of the most important elements of investment in the real estate sector is the transport lines, especially the metro lines and highways, We notice that Istanbul is witnessing a great expansion in the establishment of a good and new transport network, which in turn leads to the growth of areas that are being fed from these networks, which is expanding day by day, With the expansion of the metro lines, these areas are easily accessible, which leads to their growth and increase the value of their real estate projects and work centers.

There are many metro lines that have been completed and have contributed to the increase in property prices in their areas, also other under construction lines will be completed soon and the areas from which they are feeding will gradually increase the value of real estate. Other transport routes are still under study and survey, which will be started within a short period.

These lines have contributed significantly to the rise in real estate prices in the areas they are going through. For example, real estate prices in the areas passing through Marmaray line rose twice as high as before the project.

The Avrasya Tüneli Tunnel will also increase the value of the areas it will pass through, and there are many metro line projects to be completed this year and will also contribute to raising the value of its real estate areas Such as the Kartal line - Kaynarca, Üsküdar line - Sancaktepe, Mecidiyeköy line - Mahmutbey, the hanging metro line between Safaköy, Halkalı, (Başakşehir) and Kayaşehir line - Başakşehir and metro and express train lines that will reach Istanbul's third airport, All these lines will increase the value of the areas from which it will pass and will raise the prices of real estate in them significantly. The projects of urban transformation and real estate projects with modern brands in the city also contribute significantly to raise the value of the region where it is constructed.

It is, therefore, possible to say that these areas in Istanbul are the most attractive areas that will attract investors in the real estate sector.


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