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Real Estate Projects for Residential Apartments in Istanbul

: 2018-11-30 Modified date : 2019-07-30

Real Estate Projects for Residential Apartments in Istanbul
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Charmed with magic nightlife, full of life in the day, desirable in the summer, intentional in the winter, it is the apartments of Istanbul, the city that accompanied history until it is present.

Apartments’ ownership in Istanbul: huge gains

It is very normal for the city of Istanbul to be crowded with its visitors throughout the year. It is also common for the visitor to visit her many times during the year, so many have resorted to the idea of looking for an apartment for sale in Istanbul In that the provision of expenditures on the one hand, and the investment of the winner on the other.

With few measures, you can meet the requirements of the Turkish Nationality Law for property owners in Turkey, and then obtain the Turkish passport.

Major projects in Istanbul

Istanbul apartments are characterized by rich diversity, which opens the door for those wishing to buy an apartment in Istanbul, and Here are two typical Istanbul projects:

Number of rooms: 3 + 1

Area: 196 m2

Number of bathrooms: 3

Parking: 3

Price from: 627 thousand dollars

The Blue Beach Project

With just 0 km from the Sea of Marmara, this project is located in the Zeytinburnu area, just 1 km from the port of Bakirkoy, far from the noise and congestion.

The project itself is designed for a luxurious lifestyle. It is surrounded by many fine restaurants, shopping malls, as well as many hospitals and health centers. The following is a sample of its apartments:

Istanbul Residence 3 Project

The project is located in the municipality of Basaksehir. It consists of 18 unique engineering towers, followed by its own huge shopping complex, adjacent to the Yeni Kent square, Turkey's largest square and the largest Botanical Park in Turkey and the whole of Europe.

Those interested in buying in the project can see the apartment’s view they want through 3D technology. The following is a sample of a luxury apartment for sale within the complex:

Number of rooms: 3 + 1

Area: 158 m2

Number of bathrooms: 2

Parking: 1

Price from: 214 thousand dollars

In the following video, we will give you more insight about the features of this project and its surroundings, and you can contact us for more information about it and all the real estate investment options in Turkey.

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