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Houses Prices in Istanbul

With its rich history and its overflowing fascination with its visitors, Istanbul houses are still a favorite destination for both investors and owners in Turkey.

Houses Prices in Istanbul
2018-11-24 Last update 2020-02-13

Houses Prices in Istanbul

With its rich history and its overflowing fascination with its visitors, Istanbul houses are still a favorite destination for both investors and owners in Turkey.

Why Istanbul?

As for the reasons for the preference of Istanbul investment areas to others, it is known that the real estate investment in Istanbul has recently seen qualitative leaps, tempting to prefer Istanbul properties to others, and this is due to the very wide area between two continents! It includes also different models and options.
At the environmental level, for example, Istanbul is surrounded by salty sea waters, while there are several rivers run along its banks, such as the Kagıthane River and the Alibeykoy River.
At the social level, the multi-ethnic and stripes from which the population descends are not a secret to the visitor and what is truly rich and culturally diverse in terms of customs and traditions, such as food, clothing and living styles, and accept newcomers to the country...

Here is Istanbul: The options are in your hands

In Istanbul, your choices many, and this may be evident in a quick comparison between the prices of cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul and other luxury properties.
Where prices vary depending on several factors such as the location of the house between the two parts of the Asian and European cities, and even within the same region on the European side, for example.
Transport and availability also have a direct impact on the prices of surrounding homes in a vast city like Istanbul. Villas in high-rise residential complexes, or near metro stations, for instance, will be more expensive.
Social services and facilities, such as the availability of schools, universities, hospitals and government departments, have a direct impact on house prices in Turkey and Istanbul.
Delivery readiness and possible payment methods are not the final factors of the price of a house in Istanbul, But when it comes to paying the house in cash, you will definitely get preferential prices compared to when you buy houses in installments in Istanbul; however, the option to buy in better installments may be due to some of the economic factors such as volatile exchange rates.
So prices are different and vary for the houses offered for sale in Istanbul, and someone may ask: How much are the houses prices in Turkey? For example, the Mimaroba Park project in Buyukcekmece offers you wonderful homes under construction at very competitive prices according to the following data:

Number of rooms: 3 + 1

Area: 143 m 2

Number of bathrooms: 1

Parking: 1

Price from: 157 thousand US Dollars
In this case, houses prices in Turkey in Saudi riyals starts from about 588 thousand riyals for a good apartment under construction consisting of 3 rooms and a salon.
While you can own a very luxurious apartment in the project of the Grand Palace on the walls of Constantinople and a fascinating view of the Bosphorus, and within one of the Central municipalities of Istanbul Zeytinburnu according to the following data within the price of houses in Turkey in dollars:

Number of rooms: 3 + 1

Area: 163 m²

Number of bathrooms: 4

Parking: 2

Price from: 652 thousand USD

There are many other options to suit all budgets. We are happy if you contact us directly at Imtilak Real Estate to provide you with the best consultation. Most of our property services are free!
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