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Grand Bazaar in Istanbul-National Trademark

Why is the Grand Bazaar considered as a national trademark? ...

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul-National Trademark
2017-05-02 Last update 2020-02-13

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul-National Trademark

Investing in Real Estate in Turkey

Real estate in Turkey offers a wide range of properties for sale and lands of a national treasure that are trademarks of the country. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul which means Grand Market is the oldest and largest markets in the world and is situated in Istanbul. It covers 61 streets, with 4,000 shops, and 250,000-400,000 visitors every day. It was no. 1 place by tourist visits since it still remains the best tourist attraction in Turkey. The average number of annual visitors is 91,250,000.

The construction of Grand Bazaar

The construction started in 1455-1456, after the conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Mehmet II. He made the Bazaar as one of the best shopping places and in the beginning was a place for selling clothes. It was near the palace of the first sultan. The construction ended in 1460-1461 and represents the Comnenian eagle from the Byzantine period.

The architecture of the Grand Bazaar

Real estate Istanbul Turkey contains the Grand Bazaar that has a rectangular plan, with 2 rows of stone piers, 3 rows of bays and 5 in every row. Every bay is surrounded with bricks and in the inner and outer walls, there are 44 cellars built in. There are rectangular windows as well that are placed under the roof and can be accessed with a wooden ambulatory. There are also 4 gates through which the building can be accessed: the Sahaflar Kapisi in the north, Takkeciler Kapisi in the south, Zenneciler Kapisi in the west and Kuyumcular Kapisi in the east.

The social history of Grand Bazaar

Until 1894 the Bazaar had no shops in the western side, while there were only merchants sitting on wooden divans. This place was named as “Turkish dolap” or Turkish stall which represented the merchandise in the Bazaar. The clothes were hung in rows and were giving an amazing effect of the Bazaar, while the clients were sitting in front of the merchant, talking and drinking Turkish tea or coffee. At the end of the day, the Bazaar closed.

The goods offered there were not advertised properly, so in the time the Bazaar was concentrated only on one road. The weapon market, jewelers, the armor market, the flea market, old book market, souvenir market, cloth market, carpet market and many more started developing and taking their place in the Bazaar.

How the Grand Bazaar influenced the economy of Turkey?

The main reason for concentrating the trade in the Grand Bazaar was the security against theft. The place had the highest security and the products were guaranteed against everything, except commotion or disorder. There were guards that were patrolling the market and providing security, so nothing is missing from there. Since the Bazaar was closing at night, no activity was allowed during the night hours. This helped in the economy of Turkey at that time since the number of thefts was really low and the place was considered as one of the safest in the country.

The Grand Bazaar as a national trademark

Why is the Grand Bazaar considered as a national trademark? Because it had a huge influence on the history of Turkey and represented the main factor in the growth of the economy. It represented the main place for trading activities where people from around the world are still visiting it and consider it as the main tourist attraction in Istanbul. The number of visitors is counted in millions, and the beauty and fascination by which the place is characterized are the main factors for visiting it. It will definitely make you breathless since it is considered as a trademark.

Why should you visit Grand Bazaar?

You should visit this place because it is a unique experience and you will a place that was part of the Ottoman Empire for a long time. You will see a place that had the most of the influence in the Turkish history, and that is a fact that cannot be denied. You will be amazed and fascinated by the place.

In Conclusion:

For the 550th birthday of the Grand Bazaar, the number of tourists was the highest until now. It was declared as the most visited monument in the world. There was a restoration project initiated that the infrastructure should be renewed in order to provide better lighting and heating systems. The places inside the market will be also renovated and demolished, so the new look will arrive. There are a lot of houses for sale in Turkey where you can buy one and enjoy the natural wonders of the country.

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