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Beylikduzu District in Istanbul

: 2016-02-17

Beylikduzu District in Istanbul

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Real Estate Istanbul - Beylikdüzü District

Beylikdüzü District is witnessing a major development in Istanbul's high-quality real estate sector. Compared to the other districts there, Istanbul is the highest quality and most organized in terms of urban development. Real estate of Istanbul investments in this district is expected to record very high profits.

Istanbul's Beylikdüzü District was far from the interest of investors in the past because of the deterioration of the infrastructure, its distance from the city center, and the difficulty of transportation there. Today, however, it is witnessing a more organized and higher quality urban development than other districts, and it became one of the most important districts which offer modern and luxury houses for sale in Turkey. Now it is the center of attention for the investors in the real estate sector, especially after eliminating the problem of transportation and linking it to the city center across the line of Metrobus.

In recent years, the region has witnessed an organized expansion through the spread of high quality and earthquake-resistant buildings, which has increased its value and made it the most attractive district in Istanbul. The spread of residential complexes or projects in it, including the presence of social, recreational and sports events centers, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, children's entertainment centers, parks and other centers have made it more attractive to investors in Turkey's real estate.

What Are the Most Popular Real Estate Investment Turkey Projects in Beylikdüzü?

Romance Project

Westside Project

Istanbul Palace Project

Yasham Project

What Is the Most Important and the Best Project in the Beylikdüzü District?

IMTILAK REAL ESTATE Company recommends the Romance Project, which offers the finest apartments for sale in Istanbul overlooking the sea. Its high-quality decoration with smart house system, where the apartment is controlled from outside, offers a luxurious lifestyle to enjoy the comfort and relaxation of the Marmara Sea. 20 km, nearby marketing centers, universities, health institutions and educational institutions, it is a great choice for housing or investment in Istanbul.

The spread of hospitals, shopping malls, and factories, new real estate projects, transport routes, high schools and universities has contributed to the district's growing importance and has made it take the city's concept. The spread of high schools and universities in the districts has increased requests for the rental housing units, which has attracted more investors to it.

The arrival of the metro line, which has contributed to the elimination of the transportation problem in the district, has led to a surge in real estate prices. In an assessment by the Real estate agent Vulcan about real estate prices in the district, between 1750-4000 liras per square meter, according to proximity and distance from the Metrobus line of the (road E5).

Real estate prices in Beylikdüzü are expected to rise further with the completion of the new Incirli- Beylikdüzü metro line. If the land supply ratio is taken into consideration, it is possible to say that real estate investments in Beylikdüzü will bring in very high profits through the coming periods.

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