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Basin Express Highway Is the New Attraction in Istanbul

The Basin Express route, located in the European side of Istanbul, is considered an important hub for real estate investments...

Basin Express Highway Is the New Attraction in Istanbul
2017-04-15 Last update 2020-02-12

Basin Express Highway Is the New Attraction in Istanbul

The Basin Express route, located in the European section of Istanbul, is considered an important hub for real estate investments, with a large number of projects on both sides of this vital highway.

In its latest report, Emlakci published many details about this important investment area.

Factors Influencing the Basin Express:

The impact of surrounding changes plays an important role in increasing investment attractiveness in the region and investment in Istanbul in general. The area of Ikitlli is located on the western edge, the areas of Bahchelevler, Bağcılar, and Yeni Bosna in the eastern end, which are considered vital districts of the city.

In addition to the main highways connecting all areas of Istanbul to each other such as "E-5" and "TEM", which provides access to and from the region.

In addition to easy access to the area by the metro lines and many transport and mass transit lines.

The area is also located very close to Ataturk International Airport, Industrial Zone, and CNR EXPO.

The architectural plan in the area is very wide, allowing the construction of vital and social facilities that encourage investment in Istanbul, in addition to the service areas, most notably offices, hotels, luxury apartments, commercial projects and media facilities.

The Time is Right to Invest in the Basin Express Area

Many successful projects are being developed at the BASSIN EXPRESS, located in Istanbul's Ikitlli district, one of the most promising investment areas in the metropolitan city.

The representative of Gol Construction, which is establishing a huge project on this important axis, points out that this area is a promising place for investors. It includes many mega projects that address more than one million people who use this axis on a daily basis.

He added that the highway is located near several investment projects in Istanbul and the most important facilities in the huge city, such as the industrial area in the area of "Ikitlli", "Ataturk International Airport" and many of the huge bridges and the new third airport, which is currently being built.

He pointed out that this area is undergoing a major urban transformation in particular after the opening of lands belonging to the old factories for real estate investment, and reclamation of these lands, which has become an important location for many mega projects.

We note that the change in foreign exchange rates in the markets did not affect the prices of real estate in this area significantly, and the prices are still acceptable in terms of investment, so this period is very suitable for those wishing to invest, as the area includes many health facilities and education of universities Schools, hospitals, and many other social facilities.

The area has recently attracted the attention of foreign investors as well, based on the possibility of ownership that has been made available by the state based on the principle of reciprocity between countries.

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