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Bashakshehir District …… Istanbul’s Unique Pearl

...The district of Bashakshehir occupies the throne of the most vital areas of the European part of Istanbul city

Bashakshehir District …… Istanbul’s Unique Pearl
2018-01-25 Last update 2020-02-13

Bashakshehir District …… Istanbul’s Unique Pearl

The district of Bashakshehir occupies the throne of the most vital areas of the European part of Istanbul city, which consists of 39 (municipal) areas spread between the European and Asian continents on both sides of the city.

Bashakshehir municipality was established in 2008 after being separated from the municipality of Kuchukcekmece, bordered by:

Arnavutkoy from the north, Eyup from the north-east, Sultan Ghazi and Esenler from the east, Bagchelar, Kuchukcekmece and Avchilar from the south, and Esenyurt from the south-west.

Educational and Health Services

Residents of Bashakshehir are waiting for the opening of a public university in the region. In addition to the ongoing preparations for the opening of several private universities, including the famous Ibn Khaldun University, the area also has a large number of private schools and state schools, from kindergarten up to the secondary school.

In terms of health services, the district has a large number of public and private hospitals, and the biggest hospital in the European continent is currently under construction.


Bashakshehir has a wide network of transportation, such as public and private bus lines, in addition to the metro line, which has already been completed and the work is continuing on its other part, also the construction of a new tramway line in the area is currently under work.

The Bashakshehir metro line is considered one of the most efficient metro lines in Istanbul, with an access to:

Ataturk Airport, the Marmaray line between the Asian and European continents, and the metro lines that reach Taksim, Beshktash, Mechediakoy and many other areas of Istanbul.

Geography of Bashakshehir

Bashakshehir from the northern region is surrounded by large green forests, composed of cypresses, pine trees, and evergreen trees throughout the year. A river passes through the area, and a dam is formed along it. The river flows into Lake Kuchukcekmece, In addition to a 26,000 square kilometer artificial lake. 

Cultural and Social Benefits

Bashakshehir has a rich social environment with its shopping centers, theaters, cinemas, conference halls and celebrations, it also has many facilities for people with special ability needs, and the stadium within the area of Olympiad is considered the biggest sports stadium in Turkey.

A large area has been allocated to a huge industrial area, providing about 300,000 job opportunities, making it one of the largest industrial areas in Turkey.

Its population is considered to be young, with the age group under 40 forms 40% of the total population, while the age group between 20 and 44 forms 43% of the total population.

The region has a very modern infrastructure, with most of the services available in smart cities applied globally, and the latest technologies are applied by qualified personnel, who are constantly trained by a central management and local administration.

Bashakshehir district is very close to Ataturk International Airport on the one hand and the new third airport currently being built in Istanbul.

Moreover, the area is also surrounded by a wide network of modern and vital roads, not to mention the proximity to the third bridge on the Bosphorus, making transportation very easy to and from the area.

All of these features make Bashakshehir, one of the most lucrative areas in the real estate sector in Istanbul, where it is seeing a very high turnout by real estate investors to buy properties in Bashakshehir. The price per square meter in some neighborhoods of the area has reached more than 5500 Turkish liras, which is higher than the average in other parts of Istanbul.

Source: Bashakshehir municipality, Real estate websites, Directorate of the region of Bashakshehir, Emlak Konut

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