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Basaksehir in Istanbul is the most developed region in Istanbul

: 2018-02-14 Modified date : 2019-07-11

Basaksehir in Istanbul is the most developed region in Istanbul
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Natural facilities

Basaksehir is the most developed region in Istanbul in terms of its modern infrastructure. It has many natural and artificial facilities. It has one of the largest and most diverse natural valleys in the Sazledara region, which includes a natural and archaeological park at the same time, a historical heritage of the area.

The region also includes another valley called the Water Valley, located in the fifth district of Basaksehir, covers an area of 45 thousand and 723 square meters, and contains 26,000 square meters of pedestrian routes, in addition to the containment of a large number of vital facilities, such as centers shopping, sports, restaurants, cafes, and many other facilities.

A 26,000 square meter lagoon, the largest artificial lake in Istanbul, is located in the Bahcasehir district of Basaksehir, surrounded by 300,000 square meters of parkland, restaurants, playgrounds, private clubs, cafés... The region also has the second largest showroom in Istanbul, which is used for many different events throughout the year. Theatrical performances, concerts, festivals and the holy month of Ramadan are the highlights of these events.

The famous Basaksehir also includes a large protected forest in the Shamalar region. The forest includes a great variety of wild animals such as fox, punk and many other wild animals, as well as large green spaces for hiking. They were allocated by the municipality of Basaksehir to the inhabitants of the neighborhood. This forest is approximately 50 square kilometers and is one of the largest forests in the region.

Educational facilities

Basaksehir is one of the most developed regions in terms of educational facilities. It includes many state-run educational facilities, from kindergarten and nursery schools throughout the region, the 23 primary schools and the 20 integrated middle elementary schools School, 19 secondary schools and the 25 regular middle schools. The region also has a large number of private schools that are steadily increasing.

Health facilities

Basaksehir region is characterized by the spread of its health facilities, which serve the population of the area effectively, where there is a state hospital with a capacity of 100 beds, as well as 23 medical centers of the comprehensive clinics of the state; and as in the education sector, there are also a large number of hospitals And the construction of the largest health complex in Europe is currently underway in the area of Basaksehir.

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