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Apartments in Istanbul Turkey

: 2018-12-03 Modified date : 2020-01-16

Apartments in Istanbul Turkey
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One of the advantages of Istanbul for those wishing to own or invest in it is that it is truly the city of many choices when it comes to the types of apartments, their spaces, their views, and locations...

Spacious apartments and various options in Istanbul

Due to the high demand from investors, and due to the wide range of available apartment options, it is easy to come across an apartment for sale here and there, but it is not wise to rush to make a purchase decision only after consulting with experts and expertise in this area, and it’s normal that they will offer you the appropriate options for your requirements from the apartment.

Apartments in Istanbul: Comfortable accommodation and promising investment

The following are examples of typical complexes in Istanbul, suitable for different budgets:

Located in the Beylikduzu district, where shopping centers, universities, health, and educational institutions, it is a great choice to stay and enjoy the area's features.
The complex itself consists of 4 buildings comprising 154 apartments and 10 shops; in the following table data on the apartment in the complex:

Number of rooms: 2 + 1

Area: 90 m²

Number of bathrooms: 2

Parking: 1

Price from: $ 76 thousand
One of the most luxurious complexes in its various phases. It consists of 2500 apartments and includes gardens and large green spaces within it.
If you would like to buy an apartment in Istanbul, we will present to you the following sample data within the project:

Number of rooms: 2 + 1

Area: 102 m2

Number of bathrooms: 1

Parking: 1

Price from: $ 592 thousand 
If you would like to see other options for apartments in Istanbul Turkey, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We have many new properties in Istanbul.

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