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(2) Tourism in Istanbul and Reasons for Investing

Istanbul mixes the splendor of Ottoman art with its diverse cultural heritage, cultural, social and religious monuments.

(2) Tourism in Istanbul and Reasons for Investing
2017-04-10 Last update 2020-02-13

(2) Tourism in Istanbul and Reasons for Investing

Best Istanbul Hotels

In Istanbul, there are many excellent hotels which are a prime place for tourists who come to Istanbul for tourism as well as businessmen who come to Istanbul to new areas of investment in Istanbul. These hotels are among the best hotels in the world for their services.

Hotels are always developing for the convenience of customers, therefore enjoy the wonderful nature of Istanbul.

As well as to see the best tourist attractions is not without the comfort of sleep and relaxation, and in hotels that specialize in the comfort of visitors and hotels are also in areas within easy access to many tourist attractions in Istanbul.

Hilton Istanbul Hotel

Hilton is the most famous hotels in the world and has a lot of branches located in every place in the world and in the best places near the best attractions in the world and is located in many Arab countries, if not all of them, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and so on.

In Istanbul, the Hilton is very family-friendly as it has large and spacious rooms overlooking the Bosphorus.

The hotel also has a charming garden with Turkish baths, swimming pools for adults and recreational areas for children's play, as well as swimming pools for young people.

In the hotel, there are restaurants offering the best kinds of international meals to many countries of the world.

Grand Hyat Hotel Istanbul

Grand Hyat Hotel is a 5-star hotel suitable for anyone looking for complete comfort, relaxation, beauty and scenic splendor.

The hotel also offers special rooms for children and can be isolated from adults and has many rooms in many sizes.

At the Grand Hyat Hotel, there are a spa and swimming pools. The hotel offers the finest cuisine and is located near Taksim Square.

Komro Hotel

The family-friendly Komro Hotel is located in central Istanbul, close to Istanbul's famous landmarks such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar.

The hotel rooms are medium in size and very comfortable and suitable for anyone looking for simplicity as the hotel has few rooms unlike many luxury hotels with hundreds of rooms.

At the hotel, you can have breakfast on the rooftop terrace where you can have breakfast while enjoying the view of Istanbul from a high place.

 Why buy a property in Istanbul?

When looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul on the sea now you will find that prices have increased significantly by 2018 so do not hesitate even more in the purchase of property in Istanbul, where experts expect to increase property and villas in Istanbul in the next three years by up to 70 %.

This is due to the growth and prosperity of Turkey in general in the economic and political fields and the growth of Turkey, especially in art, has been a big reason to increase investors in Istanbul because of a large number of tourists, therefore if you are looking for villas for sale in Istanbul for a while, do not wait any longer.

Istanbul's growth and prosperity in global investment

Investment in Turkey is one of the most important reasons for success as Turkey ranks 16th in the world economy and is the sixth country in Europe in terms of economic growth and Turkey's economy is stable in the past period.

One of the main reasons for Turkey's economic growth is youth and young people's thinking. Half of Turkey is now full of young people. Turkey has 80 million people, 50% of whom are under the age of 30.

The youth mentality has played a major role in Turkey's prosperity as universities annually graduate more than 730,000 university graduates who are highly educated and qualified for the labor market.

The climate of Turkey is generally liberal in terms of investments, which is confirmed by the number of foreign companies in which more than 42.000 companies so far are investing in Turkey.

When you start investing, it is only six days will be enough before you start your business in Istanbul.

The field of real estate investment is one of the best investment areas in the world as well as in Istanbul, where real estate prices are increasing every year at a large percentage, therefore the purchase of a property now in Istanbul in vital areas is sufficient reason to earn money and profit up to more than 50% after a short period of up To 3 years only.

In the past three years some areas in Istanbul have seen real estate prices rise by 88% and the region, which is followed by an increase in real estate prices, reaches 85%.

This confirms the success of the field of investment in Istanbul real estate success in the past years and what experts expect in the next few years as well.

Tips when buying a property

When you consider buying a property or villa you should try to choose a special place at the best possible price. When looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul on the sea, you should choose a flat very close to the sea because it will be more profitable than that.

Also, when looking for villas for sale in Istanbul,  choosing a villa in the city center or near the sea or near the famous tourist areas is only a success in future investment.


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