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Istanbul Municipality announced that the planned air railway metro in the city the completion and signing of the tender for its construction, pointing out that the construction work will begin next April.

The municipality said in a statement issued on Wednesday that the project will be part of a series of projects to serve investment in Turkey launched by the mayor, "Kadir Tub Bash" under the title "Metro everywhere, a metro anywhere."

The Municipality stated in the aforementioned statement that it is planned to be put in the service of citizens in the first months of 2019.

The starting point of the metro will be "(Sefaköy)" and will end in " (Başakşehir)" passing through all of the following stations:

"Armoni Park – Borusan – Sanayi - Gümrük Yolu - Halkalı Merkez - TOKİ-1 - Toki-2 - Arena Park (Atakent) – Masko - Ziya Gökalp - Atatürk Oto Sanayi 1 - Atatürk Oto Sanayi 2 - Başak Konutları – Oyakkent".

Later it the metro line will connect to " (Kirazlı)" in " (Halkalı) station".

It is expected that the length of the metro line in Istanbul to reach 15 kilometers, so that the Trip’s duration is about 27 minutes only, and will be able to accommodate 15 thousand passengers per hour in one of the directions.