Gulf Panorama Project

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  •  Type:   Apartments
  •  City:  Istanbul - Gaziosmanpaşa
  •  Ready By:   Ready
  •  Payment Method:   Installments
  •  Distance to Center:   7 km
  •  Distance to Beach:   3 km
  •  Distance to Airport:   20 km
  •  Construction Year:   2015
Why this property?
  • This composite is in the center of Istanbul close to Taksim and Sisli and is 20 km far from Atartok airport.
  • It looks over the gulf of Istanbul and antiquarian places.
  • You can rent your flats.
  • It is inside Gazi Othoman Basha close to the shopping centers, colleges and health care centers, so it is great choice for inhabitant and real estate investments.
  • All of your expectation about social life will be true inside this project, so you can enjoy serenity and comfortable life in the center of European Istanbul.
  • This project locates in the center of Istanbul close to the tunnels and bridges; you just need a few minutes to reach Taksim, Besiktas and any other area inside Istanbul.
  • These flats are designed to fit all your needs; you will enjoy the brilliant and unique views on the panorama of the gulf.
  •  It includes 286 flats in the most strategic center of Istanbul where the unimaginable views.
  • This project looks over the, the historical and antique places inside Istanbul.
  • You can rest because the security lasts for 24 hrs.
  • 25% is paid at the time of paying and the rest by installments for 20 months.
  • The transportation is easy and available.
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